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I am currently writing a book, The History of Craft, that surveys western and non-western ceramics, fiber, glass, metal, and wood. Please take a look at some of my research:

Although tapestry crochet was traditionally a man's craft in Guatemala, today both men and women make shoulder bags. In Cameroon, Africa, tapestry crochet hats are popular. These photos are from my books, Tapestry Crochet, More Tapestry Crochet, and Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet, which include the history of the technique and several projects.


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Jakaltek Maya weavers learn backstrap weaving through example and observation. By the time Jakaltek girls are six years old, they can usually weave hair sashes with supplementary weft motifs. These photos are from my updated bilingual book, Maya Hair Sashes Backstrap Woven in Jacaltenango, Guatemala / Cintas mayas tejidas con el telar de cintura en Jacaltenango, Guatemala. The book includes detailed descriptions of weaving techniques,  the backstrap loom, and the symbolism of weaving in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

   The Americas

Links to Haida artists of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada:

Link to Vancouver boat builders:

Wood Carving of Reg Davidson

  Argillite Jewelry of Myles Edgars

Silver Jewelry of Dave Hunter 

Painting of James Sawyer

Hats and Baskets of Gladys Vandal

Boat Club


Links to crafts and artists of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico:

Wax Figures




 Wood Carving

Silver Jewelry 

Guevara Ceramics

Tecpatl Ceramics Capelo


JosÚ Luis

Ikat Weaving

Gobelin Weaving

Cane Baskets


More links to craftspeople and artists of Mexico:

School (english)

Backstrap weaver Esperanza

Foot Loom Weaving in Central Mexico

Reed Baskets

Papermaking and Books

Boxes (english)
Cajitas (espa˝ol)


Clay Filigree
Filigrana Barro

Porras Ceramics
La Cerßmica

Oaxaca Guide

Link to Craft of Argentina:  

Link to craft of Guatemala:

Toba Pickup
Faja Toba



Links to crafts and artists of Cameroon, Africa:

Metal Casting

Bark Pictures

Batik (english)

Wood Carving

Abdou Mfopa




Gţtes Ruraux (english)
Gţtes Ruraux de l’Ouest (franšais)

Handicraft Center (english)
Centre des mÚtiers manuels

Links to crafts and artists of Ghana, Africa:

Bead Making in Odumasi Krobo

Glass Bead Making in Daabaa

Ashanti Adinkra in Ntonso

Ashanti Kente in Bonwire

Ashanti Kente Weaving in Adanwomase

Ewe Kente Weaving in Denu

Sirigu Painting and Basketry

Ashanti Lost Wax Casting in Krofofrom

Sculpted Coffins in Teshie


Links to crafts of China:  

Links to crafts of Japan:

Yaoli Dunzi Jingdezhen Porcelain Cloisonne Enameling Printing Washi paper Shibori Katazome

Links to the crafts of Java and Bali, Indonesia:

Batik in Java and Bali Ikat Weaving in Bali Songket Weaving The Kris Filigree in Java Gamelan in Bali
Wood Carving in Bali Bali Stone
Terracotta Roof Tiles Bali Shadow Puppets Bali Horn Carving Classical


Links to three artists from Poland:  

Links to crafts of Portugal:

Czeslaw Olma

Jan Ledwon

Dr. Mrozowski

Artisan Workshops Ceramics of Caldas da Rainha Earthenware Tiles

Links to crafts and artists of Spain:

Blacksmithing in Andalucia Metal Spinning in Seville Silversmithing in Andalucia Seville Sculpture Granada Marquetry
Ubeda Ceramics Seville Ceramics Talavera Ceramics Monje Ceramics
I'm the architect and general contractor for our  Insulated Concrete Form home and studio. You can follow its construction by looking at the foundation, floor, second floor, second floor walls, ICF roof, stovepipe, rubber roof, steel framing, metal stairs, windows and door, brick, overhang, gutters, electrical, plumbing, septic system, sheetrock, mudding, painting, tile, solar panel, and exposed aggregate driveway web pages. This picture was taken at noon in July of 2014. The shadows over the windows from the overhangs help keep out the summer heat.

Link to Andrzej Gutek's Home Page (Polaroid Image Transfer, Math, and Candelabra)

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