Art Appreciation, ART 1030

This Art Appreciation class is designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and enjoyment of the visual arts.  Slide lectures and videos are presented to teach the meanings, purposes, styles, elements and principles of art, along with the various media and the history of art.

Text: Preble’s Artforms by Patrick Frank, 8th edition. This textbook is available at the TTU bookstore during the semester that this class is taught by Dr. Ventura.

Reading Assignments (Must be read before the topic is covered):

Part One: Art Is . . .
1. The Nature of Art
2. Awareness, Creativity, and Communication

Part Two: The Language of Visual Experience
3. Visual Elements
4. Principles of Design
5. Evaluating Art

Part Three: The Media of Art
6. Drawing
7. Painting
8. Printmaking
9. Camera Arts and Digital Imaging
10. Graphic Design and Illustration
11. Sculpture
12. Clay, Glass, Metal, Wood, Fiber
13. Architecture and Environmental Design

Part Four: Art as Cultural Heritage
14. From the Earliest to the Bronze Age
15. The Classical and Medieval West
16. Renaissance and Baroque Europe
17. Traditional Arts of Asia
18. The Islamic World
19. Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

Part Five: The Modern World
20. Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
21. Early Twentieth Century
22. Between World Wars
23. Postwar Modern Movements in the West
24. Modern Art Beyond the West

Part Six: The Postmodern World
25. Postmodernity and Global Art

Each test covers new material from lectures, videos, and the required text, but you are expected to remember the information from the previous sections. In the first half of the semester we will be studying the basic elements and principles of art, and many art techniques. In the second half of the semester we will survey Western and Non-Western art from prehistoric times through the present. Test questions will be multiple choice and some will relate to slides shown in class. Each test will also have extra credit questions about the videos shown in class.

Grades: Each test will count as 50% of the final grade. Extra credit (optional) will be added to the final grade. A is 100-90; B is 89-80; C is 79-70; D is 69-60; and F is below 60.

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend all classes. 

Accommodations for special needs for students with disabilities are coordinated through the Office of Disability Services. Please contact their office at 372-6119 if you need assistance.


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