History of Crafts II, ART 3160

This History of Crafts II class is a chronological survey of Western ceramics, fiber, glass, metal, and wood craft media from the Middle Ages through the present as related to cultural development and art styles. Slide lectures and videos are presented to place the crafts into historical and cultural context.

Some of the texts are available at Amazon.com and all are in the TTU library. These textbooks are only available at the TTU bookstore during the semester that this class is taught.
A Short History of Glass, by Chloe Zerwick (TP849.Z47 1990) -out of print-
Furniture: A Concise History, by Edward Lucie-Smith (NK2270.L82 1979)
Textiles: Five Thousand Years, edited by Jennifer Harris (NK8806.T45 1993) or 5,000 Years of Textiles (paperback)
Ten Thousand Years of Pottery, by Emmanuel Cooper (NK3780.C663 2000)
Jewelry, by Clare Phillips (NK7304.P48 1996)
Beyond Craft: The Art Fabric, by Mildred Constantine and Jack Lenor Larson (NK3007.C66) -out of print-

Tests: Two tests will be given. Each test will count for 1/2 of the final grade. Each test will cover new material (from lectures and the required texts), but you are expected to remember pertinent information from previous sections. Tests will consist of slide identification, multiple choice, and comparative essays. Make-up tests will be given only for excused absences. You should notify the instructor before the test is given. A zero will be assigned for any test missed and not made up.

Optional Paper: An optional research paper with a title page, 5 pages of text, and a bibliography about an approved "crafts" topic from the time period and cultures that are being studied will add up to 20 points to the final grade. 

Grades: A is 100-90; B is 89-80; C is 79-70; D is 69-60; and F is below 60.

Accommodations for special needs for students with disabilities are coordinated through the Office of Disability Services. Please contact their office at 372-6119 if you need assistance.


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