ART 4100/5100 Art Tour, 3 credits

This three-credit art history class is designed for art majors who have already successfully completed at least one art history class. Full time TTU students may apply for a Study Abroad Travel Scholarship that will cover part of the expenses. The Spring 2017 class will go to London and Stonehenge during Spring Break, March 4-12.

Previous trips organized by Dr. Ventura:

Stonehenge, England, 2017

London, England, 2017

Rome, Italy, 2010

Paris, France, 2009


Brussels, Belgium, 2006

Madrid, Spain, 2004


Assisi, Italy, 2003

Delphi, Greece, 2002


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2000

Canterbury, England, 2000


Toledo, Spain, 1997

Lisbon, Portugal, 1997


Pompeii, Italy, 1996

Rome, Italy, 1996

Paris, France, 1995

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