Silver Filigree in Java, Indonesia

Filigree developed into a fine art in Java. You may see it being crafted at HS Silver 800-925, where the public is invited into the studio. Sterling silver is first cast into bars, then hammered into wire. The silver wire is made finer by pulling it through drawplates. Wires are then flattened in a rolling mill or twisted together and flattened.

The silver wire is shaped with tweezers, then soldered together.

The wire may be pressed into a metal pattern to form duplicate shapes.

The shapes are filled with finer hand-formed wires. Paper backing keeps everything in place before soldering.

Metal clips keep filigree spheres together during soldering.

Small wires fill oval forms.

Flux is applied.

Solder is sprinkled on.

A torch burns the paper off and melts the solder.

Filigree is soldered on a metal screen, which rests on a thick earthenware tile.
Complex pieces are soldered together in several steps.

Some components are ground with an abrasive wheel.

Juice from the lerak fruit and a toothbrush are used for the final cleaning.

Then the edges are burnished to a high gloss with a graver.

The pictures on this web page where taken at:

HS Silver 800-925
Jl. Mondorakan No. 1 Kotagede Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia

 Telephone (62-274) 375107 - 370725

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Recommended Guide: Mr. Ignatius (Telephone 0816 683 202) was my excellent guide in Java.

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