Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest

Dschang, Cameroon, Africa

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Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest Art Gallery

Artist Residence and Office

Dschang, (pronounced “chung”) is located in the Western Province of Cameroon, in Central Africa. Known for its rich cultural and artistic heritage and mild climate, Dschang is also the home of Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest, a center where local contemporary artists can reside and work in an atmosphere that is both supportive and inspiring.

The founder and director of Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest is Ren Pounde. Ren was born in Dschang, then left for Europe and America when he was 19 years old. He returned to his beloved Dschang twenty years later. Ren inherited his father’s passion for art. In 1995 he converted a restaurant on his property into a gallery/lecture hall and another small building into a studio, bedroom and office. Since that time, Gites Ruraux de l’Ouest has encouraged local art by providing a room, studio, and exhibition space free of charge to 8 artists, some of whom have gone onto to Paris and America to participate in new cultural exchanges.

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Exorcism Objects, Foto Chiefdom, Dschang, 1909 

Wall Painting, Sergeo Demefak, 1999


drum, horns, metal

Sanzibox, 20x24x4",wood, metal, quills, paint

detail of Sanzibox

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Sergeo Demefack produced these pieces as a resident artist in 2000.

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Hendrixstick 45x16x4"

Guardians,  48" x 90" x 40",
metal, fiber, clay, and foam

Found Object, 27" x 10" x 34", paper, horns, rubber, metal, and paint


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Herv Youmbi Ren by Herv Herv and His Majesty Momo 1st

Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest would like to reach beyond Dschang and establish relationships with other centers and artists. Although currently only able to house one artist at a time, Ren hopes to find sponsors that would help him renovate a larger building on his property into a better facility. Ren would also like to establish a library and a computer center there. Although Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest has occasionally received support from the Alliance Franco-Camerounaise of Dschang, it is primarily financed though private donations. For more information about the center, or to offer your support, please write (in English or French) to:

Ren Pounde
Director of Gtes Ruraux de l’Ouest
P.O. Box 04
West Province
Republic of Cameroon
Fax: (237) 45-19-54

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