The Ventura-Gutek Insulated Concrete Form House and Studio

We invite you to follow the building of our ICF house in Baxter, Tennessee. Why would we choose an energy efficient green construction method that is earth friendly, fire and bug resistant, safe in severe weather, and quiet, but costs more than a stick frame home? Why wouldn't we? It's thermal mass and passive solar design will contribute towards huge energy savings - enough to pay for itself in the first decades of its 500+ year life!

Construction began in 2003. We didn't expect it to take this long, but we were/are at the mercy of the people doing the work for us. We tried to anticipate the needs of each step of the process, but had little knowledge about these products and building techniques. We hope that these web pages will encourage you to build a green home and that they will provide helpful information that will save you time and money.

Link to footer and slab construction.

Link to first floor walls.


Link to floor of second story construction.

Link to walls of second story.


Link to ICF roof construction.

Link to stovepipe installation.

Link to insulated rubber roof installation.

Link to steel framing.

Link to the installation of metal stairs.

Link to window and door installation.

Link to brick laying.

Link to overhang installation.

Link to gutters.

Link to electrical work.

Link to plumbing.

Link to septic system installation.

Link to sheetrock/drywall installation.

Link to mudding / drywall finishing.

Link to painting.

Link to floor tile installation.

Installation of the flexible solar panels.

Link to exposed aggregate driveway installation.

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Web page and photographs by Carol Ventura in 2003-2013.