Ceramics of Antonio Monje of Lora Del Rio, Spain

As the demand for pottery shifted away from strictly utilitarian ware, Antonio Monje adapted traditional vessels to meet the needs of the new market. He and his son-in-law produce a variety of functional and decorative pieces at their studio on 42 Avenida de la Campana. You may call them (in Spanish) at: 95 580 3416.


Two types of earthenware are used; white and terra cotta.

Antonio Monje at work in his studio.

Pieces are fired in either an Arab (Moorish) kiln or a small gas kiln.

The updraft Arab kiln is fired around once a month. Recycled cardboard and wood fuel the kiln. 

Arab kiln door (notice the thick walls).

The stoke hole is sealed when firing has finished.

Fired pots inside the Arab kiln.

Gas kiln

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