Rawhide Shadow Puppets and Dance Accessories in Bali, Indonesia

Shadow puppets (wayang kulit), made of painted water buffalo skin, have a long tradition in Bali. They're used to reenact popular stories as entertainment - and on ceremonial occasions. Shadow puppet shows are performed at night (backlit and behind a cloth) and during the day. I photographed the performance below (right) at a wedding.
Neka Museum in Ubud

Bali Museum in Denpasar

Daytime performance
Many dance accessories that imitate gold crowns and jewelry are also made of buffalo skin.

These photos were taken at the studio of I Made Jaya Jemena, Br. Puaya, Batuan, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia.
 A cardboard pattern is traced onto rawhide with pencil, then holes are cut with metal tools.

Metal pieces and mirrors are attached to cut rawhide pieces that are sometimes sewn together.

 Wooden sculptures and dance accessories are first painted white, then red, then metallic gold.

Puppets are painted white, then with colorful and durable oil based paint. The profiles and holes create interesting shadows.

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Rudy (arranged through Tutut) was my fabulous bilingual guide and driver in Bali.

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