Ventura-Gutek ICF House and Studio
Septic System Installation

The size of the tank and the 550' feet of trenches for the drainage field were determined by the number of bedrooms (5) in the house.
Jimmy Jones (931 267-2801) excavated the hole while his son, James, checked the levels. The two-piece 1500 gallon cast concrete septic tank was manufactured, delivered, and set by Lane Septic Tank Company of Cookeville, TN.

The bottom was set in place, angled towards the outlet pipe, then it was filled with a few inches of water. The water level helped determine the angle. The top was then maneuvered directly over it.

A gasket seals the joint between the top and bottom. A lid riser was set over the opening for easier access.

Dirt was excavated near the outlet hole so that 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe could be installed and connected to corrugated black 10" gravel-less ADS pipe.

The green stripe on the top of the pipe assured correct placement (holes down). The pipe was covered with a sock to keep dirt from entering. Trenches were dug 24" to 36" deep in undisturbed soil. A laser level helped keep the trenches horizontal.

The pipe was covered with a little bit of soil to keep it in place before it was inspected. The next trench was dug parallel to the first one with 6' of undisturbed soil between both trenches. The ends of the pipes were capped and joined with PVC pipe resting on a "hump over" that allows the water to flow from one pipe to another. The depth of the second lower trench was determined by the slope of the land.

The hump over was covered with dirt to keep it in place. David Bradshaw of the Environmental Field Office checked the levels, then the pipes were covered with dirt.

The plumbers then connected the drain pipe to the septic tank.

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