Abdou knows many of the artists in and around his hometown of Foumban, including ceramists, metal casters, and wood carvers. He is interested in selling their work. All of the pieces on this page were made in or around Foumban, some in the style of surrounding areas. Abdou is also a fantastic tour guide. For more information, please phone him (from the US) at (011-237) 9976-7159 or 7767-4799 or email Abdou or write to him at P.O. Box 8560 Yaounde, Cameroon.

Abdou Mfopa Abdou in front of the Sultan's Palace in Foumban. Abdou and his mother at the market in Foumban.


Sacred Shokue Masks Shokue - Rasta Shokue Masks
Pounou Masks
Bamoun-Too Fang Mask Bakota Nahpon Kieme Masks
Bamilike Beaded Mask Tikar Helmet Mask Tikar Mask Leopard Mask
Vaudou Mask Masks and Statues Bamilike Mask
Shokue-rasta masks Masks Basanghoue Mask
Masks Decorative Masks
Decorative Masks Masks and Statues Ife Head  
Pounou Windows


Meiche Sue bellows Matou, Zaire Fang Foumban Fertility Trum-pet

Afo akom Ikbo Statue Tikar Statues Bamoun Sorcerer  "Maternity" (bronze)  
Loom Supports
Bronze Jaguar


Carved Pygmy Beds
Bamoun King's Carved Wood Bed


Bamoun Stools with Bamoun Symbol Bamoun Stools
Tikar Queen's Stool Bamoun King's Stool
Table Armchair Set of Bamoun chairs and table.
Ashanti style stools from Foumban and Douala
Ashanti style stool from Foumban
Douala style stool from Foumban Foumban Stool
Bamoun Doors Pygmy Door
Bamoun King's Pipe Bamoun Pipe Tikar Queen's Jewelry Elephant Trumpet Tikar Fetish  

Wood Carving in Foumban, Cameroon, Africa
African Arts/Handicraft and Environmental Management Institute (AFHEMI)
Art-Batik of Adehoumi Sikirou Shola
Bark Pictures of Claude Ngaha
Dschang Handicraft Center  
Gîtes Ruraux de l’Ouest
Cameroonian beadworking
Tapestry Crochet in Cameroon
Cameroonian Basket Maker, Fokam Goufo Buhler
Cameroonian Author, Mih John Fung
Cameroonian Painter, Hilarion Wirdzeka Faison
Nigerian Painter, Elcarver Rotimi Agbola
Polish Wood Carver, Jan Piotr Ledwon
Polish Wood Carver, Czeslaw Olma
Mexican Wood Carver, Fernando Giron Pantoja
Mexican Marquetry Box Maker, José Antonio Rodríguez 
Silva Foundation Workshops in Lisbon, Portugal
Marquetry of Granada, Spain
Religious Sculpture in Seville, Spain
Haida Carver, Reg Davidson
Haida Painter, James Sawyer
Wood Carving in Bali, Indonesia
Horn Carving in Bali, Indonesia

Recommended books:
Hans Knopfli has written the best books I have ever read about the crafts of Cameroon. Please go to his web page at http://www.kamerun.ch/index.php/Home_EN.html for more information about them.

Web page, photographs, and text by Abdou, Carol Ventura and Andrzej Gutek.