Tapestry Crochet . . . 
you can do it anywhere!

One of the best things about tapestry crochet is that you can do it anywhere because it does not require a specially equipped studio. It is relaxing and regenerative - in fact - it is a proven fact that endorphins are released during repetitive activities - and tapestry crochet qualifies! On the left I am tapestry crocheting in a gondola on the way up to the Great Wall of China! Please email me pictures that I can add to this web page of the places where you tapestry crochet. At home, outside, at a conference, on vacation - wherever. 


Harry Khan (Pakistan) designed and crocheted his hat and is now making a pillow cover based on a traditional motif from neighboring Afghanistan. 

Caroline Routh (Ontario, Canada) is a true tapestry crochet artist. Check out her web page to see some fantastic pieces!

Lana Bennett (Kansas) experiences tapestry crochet on several levels. She writes about it and enjoys doing it, too!

Helena Estanqueiro, a weaving teacher in Lisbon, Portugal, really enjoyed learning how to do tapestry crochet.

Bobbi Mills-Bowhay learning bead tapestry crochet at the 2007 Summer Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Conference.

 Also at the CGOA Conference, Mary Goshen (NJ) learning how to tapestry crochet a basket that will be felted.

College student, Chris Ash, made me feel like a real celebrity when we met at a friend's house! Here he is, crocheting a hackey sack.

Tina Thompson learning bead tapestry crochet in my 2009 CGOA class.

The Kami Ami women learn to tapestry crochet in Ghana.


 Kris King brings tapestry crochet to a whole new level What do I mean? Take a look at this!

Esther Holsen tapestry crochets at home. For a real treat, take a look at her fabulous tapestries on my blog.

Kathy Kelly composes and plays music when she's not crocheting.

Read about how Eva-Lotta tapestry crochets in Sweden here.


Connie Worley turns lemons into lemon-aide here.

Kathyrn Kawasaki even tapestry crochets when she's on vacation!

Anne Churches crochets wonderful bags down under.

Atlachinocolotl Paquiliztli crochets on his couch!

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