Blacksmithing in Southern Spain

The art of the blacksmith may be seen in the many hand-wrought altar screens, window grills, lights, weather vanes, gates, balconies, fences, and crosses in picturesque Andalucia. 
Screen in the Capilla de San Andres, Jaen Window Grills, Ubeda Rosario Light, Seville Weather Vane, Cabezas de San Juan

Have you ever wondered where the expression "strike when the iron is hot" came from? A look below should provide the answer.

Lorenzo Leiua restores and creates iron furniture, lamps, and anything else that can be wrought at Forja Ubeda at 29 Calle Valencia, 23400 Ubeda, Tel: 953 755 519. Lorenzo is shown forging a balustrade. The tip of an iron rod is heated, hammered to a point, curved, then placed it in a jig to finish the curve. As each piece is forged, it is checked against a pattern that is drawn with chalk onto a metal table.

After the components have been forged, they are welded together, then the joints are ground smooth. The pieces are then painted or a patina is added to protect and enhance the iron. In addition to lamps, furniture, and curtain rods, Antonio Gonzales also forges crosses and figurative sculptures. Experimentation with form and color is evident in his unique textures and patinas. His studio is Forja Andaluza, at 24 Calle Mezquita in Lebrija, Tel: 955 970 126. 

For more information, see "Blacksmithing in Andalucia," in Anvil's Ring, Winter 2006, pages 42-47.

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