Metal Casting in Foumban, Cameroon, Africa

Lost wax casting has been done for centuries in Africa.
Bronze, brass, and silver are cast in Foumban, Cameroon. 

Bronze statue in front of the Sultan's Palace. Wax is applied to a clay core. Clay covers the wax figure. Wax rods are added to create channels for the metal.
More clay is added to complete the mold. Ismaila hand- pumps bellows to heat the molds in a kiln. The wax melts out, then metal is poured into the hot mold. The mold is then broken off to reveal the cast metal. The surface of the piece is refined with a file.
For more information or to purchase any of these items, please contact Putuench Ismaila at B.P. 10, Foumban, Cameroon, or call him at (from the US 011-237) 967-9971 or 348-2415 or contact Abdou Mfopa.
Clay core. Wax covers clay core, then more clay is added. Ismaila with a finished metal mask. Maternity, Ismaila Trophies by Ismaila
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Hans Knopfli has written the best books I have ever read about the crafts of Cameroon. Please go to his web page at for more information.

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