Glass Blowing Cooperative
The people of COPAVIC help protect the environment by transforming recycled glass into useful products.  The cooperative, which was founded in 1976, produces a wide variety of pitchers,  glasses, stemmed glasses, dishes, statuettes, ash trays, candle holders, and vases. The products are sold locally and shipped internationally.
Here are some of COPAVIC's glass blowing techniques:
This cruet was blown, the handle was added, then it was cooled slowly in the back of a gas-fired annealing kiln. The sand on the floor of the kiln protects the piece as it is moved.
The glass bubble is spun, then blown into a mold to create a statue of Mary. After cooling in the annealer, the bottom is tapped smooth with a metal tool.
To create this goblet, glass is blown into a mold, a bit of glass is added and shaped for the foot, the rim is finished with a flame, then the goblet is cooled in the annealer.
To create interesting surface patterns, some of the pieces are sand-blasted at the cooperative.
You are welcome to visit the COPAVIC studio and sales gallery!

For more information about COPAVIC, you might be able to contact them (in Spanish) at:

Carretera al Pacífico Km. 217.5
Canton Pasac II, Cantel
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

Telephone: 011-502-763-8038
Fax: 011-502-753-8131


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