Carmen Betancourt Icons

For over fifteen years, Alejandro and Carmen Betancourt have been producing and selling beautiful icons. 


Here is their technique:

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An image is traced onto aluminum. Then the back and front are burnished to create a relief.

The depressions on the back are filled with wax and resin.

After gluing it to a board, the surface is carefully textured.


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The surface is then painted.

Highlights are removed with cotton.

Holes are punched into the surface.

Faceted stones are glued into the holes.


Carmen now runs the business. For more information about Carmen or her work, or to place an order (paid in advance with Western Union or MoneyGram) you may write (in English or Spanish) or speak to her (in Spanish) at:

Iconos Carmen Betancourt
Atn. Carmen Valenzuela P.
Celaya, Guanajuato

Telephone: 01 461 616 0262 and 01 461 219 1644

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