Religious Sculpture in Seville, Spain

Religious sculptures have been commissioned and revered in Spain for centuries. Seville supports several fine sculpture studios - below is a look at two of them.

Virgin, Seville Cathedral

Corner of Christ of the Sentence Float, La Macarena, Seville

La Cartuja, Seville

Side Altar in San Luis, Seville


Jose Manuel Cosano Cejas directs the Restoration and Imagery Studio. You may call him (in Spanish) at 954 341 701. Restauración e Imaginería is located at 45 Calle Rodrigo, Triana, 41010 Seville.

Great care is taken to create a hollow clay model. The maquette will be fired, then sent to a wood carver if a wooden sculpture is needed.

The clay maquette may be seen behind the carved wooden Virgen.

This religious image was commissioned with the face of a family member. 

Carved wood images being painted.

Clay and metal group being painted with gold.

To restore an old piece, the bad part is removed, filled, smoothed, then regilded.


José Lucena Gómez is a sculptor and restorer. He may be contacted (in Spanish) at 28 Calle Pureza, Triana, 41010 Seville, Tel: 954 331 689.

José's clay maquette is used to create a mold. He and his wife carefully paint each casting by hand with oil-based and gold paint.

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