Wood Carving in Foumban, Cameroon, Africa

Wood carving has a long history in Africa. Drums, doors, masks, games, statues, and furniture are carved in and around Foumban, Cameroon. For more information about these artists, or to purchase any of these items, please contact Abdou Mfopa. For more about carving in Cameroon, please look at my article, Carving Cameroon's Culture, in Woodcarving, June/July 2006, 91: 12-15.

Wooden drum.

The beginnings of a carved door.

Helmet masks are carved.


A mask is sanded.

Carvings are often smoked to make them black.

Some masks are painted after the smoking.

Some pieces are burnished with glass to make them shine.

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Recommended books:
Hans Knopfli has written the best books I have ever read about the crafts of Cameroon. Please go to his web page at http://www.kamerun.ch/index.php/Home_EN.html for more information about them.

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